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Question about the Top 100

So I had a face ranked between 5th and 9th over the past week and now it is GONE from the ENTIRE list. Maybe I don’t understand how it works, but that seems weird.

Here’s the face…

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The top chart only includes faces published in the past month, but don’t sweat it, looks like you have another one in the charts right now! We are planning to improve the way these charts are generated soon and will make a public announcement when we do. Stay tuned!

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Ah, got it thank you!

I feel that displaying watchfaces that use brand names and copyrighted Google Images on that list encourages others to do more of the same. I’m glad that Facer will be addressing the Top 100 in the future.

So I have the same question??? My face has been at 7th for an entire week, still getting solid syncs. However, after the weekly server reset, it was turfed out??? Also, why are some faces that were in the top 10 STILL there and mine isnt? What is the criteria for this as it makes no sense to me at all.

Was it its first week, or was it around for longer? If it was the fourth week, then it was removed automatically.

one week only

In fact, all activity has just stopped, No new syncs, no notifications…nothing. It went from super active to absolutley nothing in a minute!