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Hello Facer Design, I have a question …!
This is when I create a dial with a day display, for example with curved font, and then enter the code for Sunday $ # DOW # = 0? +100: $ or for Monday $ # DOW # = 1? +100: $ and then that upload, it works normally on the watch … but the day is not correct in the Facer app when someone looks at the dial, we assume today is Thursday and the Facer app then says Sunday. If I have entered a wrong code or is it like that from the Facer app, it is then that many write to me that the day is incorrect and then I have to explain to you that the clock is running normally. Thank you for your feedback. greetings Jero

If I am understanding you correctly. If you are using a dial with either the words spinning or a hand spinning it’s best to use #DWR#. If you are just using a curved font and wanting to use Opacity to turn on the correct days I would use Sun DOW#=0?100:0$, Mon $#DOW#=1?100:0$ and so on.

can you link to the face you’re asking about? I think it will be easier to understand your question.

Hello everyone, I have to apologize that I could only write now, yes I found errors … as mrantisocialguy wrote, the code for Sunday is $ # DOW # = 0? 100: $ and my code was $ # DOW # = 0? +100: $ after the? Made a plus, and I think it’s going now, and I would like to thank you for the help. I still have the dial. greeting jero

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