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Just a question. I haven’t noticed any faces with a rotating bezel. I use them all the time on my conventional watches? Do they exist? Is it not possible for a smart watch? Thank you, Ken

Definitely possible for smart watch, though not nearly as practical as on a real watch. I’ve done a few rotating bezels for diver watch faces on the Watchmaker Premium platform, it’s very common over there. … but I (and most others) also put a zoom function on the face since those big diver bezels take up a lot of screen space, so most want to zoom it out. Zoom and rotating bezels are 2 things I haven’t seen here on Facer but I imagine the coding capability is there, but zoom in particular would be cumbersome on facer if there were a lot of layers. And either would require the paid Pro Creator not the free version. Maybe someone will read your question and take up the challenge :slight_smile:

@nathantrafford has some bezel action going on. I’ve seen the vid of this working and it looks like it rotates in one of the different variations.

If you’re looking for a way to manually rotate the smart bezel, yeah Im sure you can do that with a VAR increment or something.

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Yup, I also love bezels. A couple of notes:

  • You lose valuable real estate in the middle of the watch, so i’d recommend keeping them as skinny as you can.
  • I WISH there was touch and drag functionality for watchfaces so you could implement a bezel that you can just grab and rotate as you please. I think this is a ways off from becoming reality though.
  • Where i’ve found success is thinking about what information can go in a bezel type of thing that is valuable to the user and easy to read. 24 hour dials are nice, along with temperature, compass, heartrate and battery. Really anything that can be read with a circle and an arrow.

I think it’s a very under-utilized design element that adds a lot of functionality without cluttering the face! I keep my faces inspectable if you want to take a look under the hood and see how it’s accomplished. Some of them can be a bit tricky with farenheit vs celsius, but it’s all doable!

Best of luck

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I agree to @kvansant that a zoom function would be a great addition to the facer app/creator! I already adressed this feature some time ago.

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