Question on Sequence

Hi I am a new user of Facer and I found that Sequence is a good element to create animations.
However I found that this element does not work in most of the time, especially when it is having conditionals in opacity.
When there is conditional or equations in opacity or duration, the output will be shown in the top-right corner of the equation inside the layer properties. However when you highlight the element, the properties in the “orange region” still showing the conditional or equations but not the outputs. Is it a bug?
Also, when I am running the test, no images are output on the watch face although the conditional is very simple << $#DH#>11?100:0$ >>. Anyone can help me?

Welcome! @redskyhk
Can you take a screenshot or screenshots of what you write about?

For Sequence, formulas in the Opacity field do not work, you can only set the value manually.
You can’t write Duration like that either, there can only be a number. The formulas can’t be there.

If you formulate the task that you want to accomplish, we can help you. Perhaps what you are doing can be solved in another way.

I did it in another way. I broke the sequence into individual pictures and displayed them in separate time slots, like what the tutorial had taught.

I found out the hard way that sequence doesn’t like conditionals in opacity but they work in the x or y axis, just place it out of the watchface’s view if you don’t want it to be shown (around -300)