Question regarding the creator

How can i make buttons to activate stuff on my Watch?

Well, this is at the moment only possible when you are premium designer.

What is a Premium designer and how does one become one?
Really got some great ideas for my watch.

Premium designers can make themeables watches with interaction (tapping actions) and shortcuts to apps. And can sell watches. To become a premium designer you have to apply after 3 of your free watches reaches 3000 syncs in a month after published and @Facer_Official will review your status. Please read the posts under Announcements. Greetings!

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Hi @djabsyss,
well you’ve stumbled upon one of the most active discussions here in the community. You can get an idea here:



But despite of the fact that you cannot use premium features you can really make amazing things just by using the basic tools. Just be creative and have fun!


Thank you very much all