Questionable Ads

I keep getting holiday adds for Facer Premium for 1 yr at $19.99. When I follow thru with the link it says 30 days free then $39.99. This is not only disappointing its totally frustrating. Seems Facer is trying to play me…WHY!!!

I was delighted to win an i phone 11 on the facer app but unfortunately that delight lasted a mere 3 minutes when I received this message “we tried to deliver your parcel but you were not at home”
While the delivery time was unprecedented in efficiency I have to say that I was indeed at home and I deeply resent the accusation that I was not as I would have been breaking the law if I left my home as I am currently covid positive.
And to top it off I have been completely inundated with advert for my funeral, now given that I suffer from a degenerative illness which will indeed shorten life and the fact that I have already arranged my funeral including music and even who will inherit my smart watches and my facer purchases included with my phone.
Alas some people will try to con others until they breathe their last.
Still I always have hope in KARMA.