Questions from a newbie

i am new to this community and i really love facer , this is a great website with lots of choices about watchfaces!
I would like to know if it’s possible to buy single watchfaces without subscribing to the premium account.
I was also wondering what happens to the premium watchfaces i will sync to my watch if i unsubscribe to the premium account. will they remain on my grid or disappear forever?
sorry for the silly questions , but i never had a smartwatch before and i don’t know much about it.
Thanks for your attention.


A very warm welcome to the forum @lurenz74 !

Yes you can buy single faces. On the Facer phone App you will see a yellow shopping basket, click on that to kick off the purchase process.

As for Premium subscription - umm, not sure but I would assume that you only have access to new premium faces while you are subscribing. I don’t know what happens to the current face you are using if you unsubscribe. I imagine it might stay until you change it but I don’t know.

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your reply!

When i try to click on the yellow button on the right side of the watchface pic, a popup flashes up sayin’
“GET PREMIUM TO SYNC” as i am not able to buy it .
When i click on the popup , it ridirects me to the premium payment checkout.
I have an iphone 11 pro max.

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Sorry, of course, I forgot! There are two kinds of “paid” faces - normal “for purchase” faces that you can buy as I said and then there are the faces that can only be accessed by people who have paid for the Premium Subscription ( they can these Premium Only faces plus all the rest ).

So it seems that the face you are after is Premium Only, so if you want that one you will need to subscribe. However, if you check out the other faces by that designer you may find a similar one that you can buy or maybe even get for free. Or of course, keep looking through the many thousands of faces ( free and paid ones you can buy ) - I’m sure you will find others you will like.

I hope that helps.

This is my understanding of how Facer works at present (experts, please correct me where I have it wrong):

Only the Facer Creator Partners can sell individual faces.
This tier is by invite only, after meeting the minimum requirements; see Become a Facer Creator Partner – How can we help?

Other ‘normal’ designers have 2 options:

  1. Use free creator tools and publish fee faces (not all creator functions are available)

  2. Subscribe to Creator Pro tools and publish Premium faces (full functionality, including colour themes & interaction).

To use a Premium face, you need to subscribe to the Premium service. Premium also gives you access to the paid for faces by the Partner designers.

Only the Partner designers receive “income” from their face designs. The rest of us are doing it for fun, including those who subscribe to Creator Pro (they generate income for Facer).

Premium, is similar to a “rental” agreement.
While you subscribe, you rent all the premium faces on Facer and can use any face any time. As soon as you stop your subscription (stop paying rent), you loose access to all Premium faces. Exactly when you loose access to the faces already synced to your device, I am not sure because I have not subscribed myself.

It will be nice if designers who subscribe to Creator Pro could also sell individual faces to non-premium users who do not want to subscribe to premium, but that is not possible at present.
Thus you will find that most faces are either free or else premium only.

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Is there a way to contact a seller privately?

You can private message a user on this forum, but not all Facer designers are on the forum and you would need to find the designer here (going the other way, from the forum to the Facer designer profile is easier; just click on the forum username to get the designer profile URL).

You can leave a comment on the face page, but that is public.