Quick question about designing a watch face

I am just asking are we allowed to ask if someone can make a watch face in this form? If not is there a place to post a request like that? If not no big deal.

Just an FYI if someone does read this and does design’s watch faces please let me know if you want. Best email to get at me is my business one. Yes I have my degree in IT but I am not a programmer/coder. I am a disabled Navy Veteran and even that I have a business in order to make any money I need clients which I do not have right now. I survive on VA disability benefits which is very little because I am not at 100% or at least not right now. I am only saying this to let whoever might want to help me out that I am able to pay them for their work but just know I don’t have a lot of money, that’s all. I hope someone can help me and I am willing to do stuff for them to.

Thank You,