Rand Bug - Text Save

Came across a very strange bug (almost a non issue). Working on a design that has “wiggly” text. Basically I’m using the Rand function applied to text size and location. I have the timeline stopped, but it appears it keeps on running. When I go to change the font effect to stroke and color, the creator thinks I am trying to move away from the page. The “discard changes” pop up is displayed. The work around is to just hit cancel and continue on with my changes. It may be related to the Time Machine not really stopping. Like I said, not a show stopper as the work around is fine.

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Also finding that while moving around any other element, each move with the arrow button generates a new random number on any expression with the “Rand” tag in it. Causes a very minute lag moving things.

Noticed one more odd behavior with the “rand” generator on text. When using stroke on text with the “wiggles”, the stroke acts as a second copy of the original text and moves independently from the original. I’ll see if I can upload a video to demonstrate.

Can’t upload videos, oh well. I posted one on my Instagram that kind of shows it.