Rand value to battery percentage

I’m making an old soviet style watch. i have a battery level gauge that looks like an analogue volt meter. currently the tag i have for it to work is:


this is a 180 degree gauge that shows the battery level.

i’d like to make the gauge “unstable” and make it fluctuate by a few percent randomly.

does anyone know how i can accomplish this?

Hi @earcl !

Take a look at this post it should help you!


thanks for the link, i seen that one last night but i’m struggling to get a grasp on how i would implement it into my formula

Hi @earcl

Something like this:
You can change the range for the rand with the 0,2 by changing the numbers to 1,3 or 1,2 or 1,5 or 2,5 or 2,6 etc.


that worked perfectly, thanks!

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