Random Compass Question

On #CMPS#, which displays as “NNE”, etc., When it faces directly north, “N”, is there a formula that would display “N–” with two dashes (because I’m a bit OCD)? Thanks in advance.

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OCD is a primary Qualification for this stuff. Unfortunately the maths is not that simple .
Also you might want to calibrate your Magnetometer.
Shake it vigorously in a figure of 8 for a few seconds.

Are you working on a watch .

You could post a link to it here .

From Memory you could try

$#CMP#<45?N–: $ on one line


$#CMP#>315?N–: $ on another

One of the more experienced coders will improve this maths.

So this works on one of my devices.

$#CMP#<45||#CMP#>315?N–: $

The || is not working on my new laptop. I need to check the keyboard.

If this is not what you mean get back.

Click on the Name of the Test to go to Inspection Mode.

On the Preview if you run the Time Machine the compass should rotate. You can adjust the numbers to get the angle as fine as you like. I would not go too small it will just flicker.

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