Random Faces Showing Up

I have been using my Samsung Gear S2 with Facer for about a month. It has always worked very well. Suddenly my face keep changing by itself. I’ll pick out a face, load and it and all is well. 15 minutes later I’ll look at my watch and some random face will be there. Sometimes it’s not even a face that I have saved in my Watch Box. I have emailed Facer but I’d like to see if anyone has any ideas on how to fix it.

Hi there!

Sorry to hear about this! Can you confirm the face you see is another face from Facer, i.e. you have still have Facer selected as your watch face on your watch? or is it another watch face altogether?

Same thing for me. In my watchbox sometimes i find faces that i don’t have choosen and i can’t delete from it. If i click on the face that i don’t want to look, i find a symbol “-” on the wihite heart on the up right corner. If i click on it, goes away. But when i close and open the program, i find the same watch with the symbol “-” on the white heart.