Random letter generator

Hi, is it possible to associate a formula to the “rand” and “wakeRand” expression to make letters appear randomly (instead of numbers)?

I was thinking about a conditional expression like: “If random number is N, then show L” on a list associating numbers N between 1 and 26 to the corresponding position of latin leters from A to Z. But I don’t even know if this is possible on Facer.

There goes some committment on math and logic here and I think I lack the skills to do that. :sweat:

Any help/suggestions?

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Sure you can
Text layer “A” transparency $(wakeRand(1,26))==1?100:0$
Text layer “B” transparency $(wakeRand(1,26))==2?100:0$
Text layer “C” transparency $(wakeRand(1,26))==3?100:0$


I think what @orz0 said is the only real option unless you used his fancy rotation.

I hoped there was another option, but I wasn’t counting on it. Thanks for the help.

Yeah that would be nice. Maybe you can put in a request in the feature request section. They might add it into the creator someday.