Random number every secound- Image changing

I can’t figure it out, how to make a image disappere and appere every secound or change a image every secound.
how do you make eyes blinking every secound? When I use the “rand” expression in opacity-option, it’s to fast eye-blink. I like the eye-blink take 1 secound; one secound open, the next secound its’s cloosed, then 1 secound open, then cloosed again etc. Or another way to use this, to change a image every secound.
I it posible?

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For a 1 second alternation you can have 2 images, open and closed. For the opacity you would something like:

$(#Ds#%2)=0?100:0$ (Display if second is evenly divisible by 2)
And for the other $(#Ds#%2)=0?0:100$ of course.

For a brief blink you can make the number of milliseconds the point of switch so for a blink that lasts .2 of a second:
$(#Dsm#-#Ds#)>=200?100:0$ (Open)
$(#Dsm#-#Ds#)<200?100:0$ (Closed)


We look forward to seeing yout work when done. Enjoy creating and ask away here.
Other folks may have many other options to manage a simple 2 state transition but this is the sinplest I know… Until posssibly corrected, every day is a learning day in the facer community.