Randomly appearing text activated by movement

Hey I want to have a set of different text strings that appear at random after shaking ones wrist while the watch is active
so basically
give it a shake and one of 15 different text strings are displayed for a few seconds.

Shaking - no.
Facer doesn’t have that option.

The only thing I can think of is something happening when the watch is in a certain position (range of positions).

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It doesn’t have to be a shake but I certainly would like a movement cue of some sort. and is it possible to have text strings called upon by movement at random

At the same time, you say “called upon by movement” and “at random”.
I don’t fully get it.

What is possible:
We have access to 2 tags showing accelerometer readings in x and y axis.
You can create a condition that will show an element when the watch is in a specific position (based on those 2 reading).

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Sorry for the confusion, I want a movement to trigger a rand function and that rand function to call upon 1 of 15 different text strings.

Im studying the conditionals available Ill link my solution.

Showing only one out of 15 string when the watch is in a certain range of locations should posible.

How about gyro and accelerometer?

I’m also interested in action upon shake of the watch…