Raptor eXplorer DIGI Preview

Coming Soon…

Raptor eXplorer DIGI - This watch face has it all for exploration!

You have five Dial colors to choose using the dial shortcut (around the bezel), themeable LCD color text using the theme shortcut, application shortcuts using the menu and a lock feature to lock your settings. You can change the center dial information including compass, altitude, and walking time/miles by clicking the center dial.

Easy to read information includes compass directional indicator including degree indication, altitude, weather including wind direction and speed, choosable steps goal to 5k, 10k or 15k, heart rate, watch battery, seconds animation, moon phase, sunrise/sunset time indication, 12/24 hour based on preferences, date including month & weekday and current location.

NOTE: not all watches have altitude and magnetic sensors (compass): if your watch does not have the sensors the dials are selectable with different information and dials. If the sensor does not exist you will get an N/A for the data. Check out the informational map below for features.

Hope you enjoy the watch face, Follow me for all my new designs!

Enjoy! ~Sirhc


Great layout with everything anyone might want to know! And themes as well! Which parts get coloured when the user changes the theme?

Thank you @mikeoday, the areas that are themed are all the icons and info that is not white. The white LCD data stays white.

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Yeah! The layout is veeery nice and as well the textures! I like!

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Thank you @GAUSS! Tried something different than my usual designs.