Rate 5 star watch face

i have see they are no star rate for watch face i hope facer team add this feature and allowed the people
see the rate next watch face .

The Star rating is you selecting the Maker as one of your Favourites . I know likes are not shown on the Facer Pages and Apps but I am sure the Facer Bot ( Marvin ) sees them .

@russellcresser I see you’re on a 1st name basis with the Facer bot!

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I always had a special relationship with Machines. It is good to be the best Friend of a Circular Saw. I kind of understand Marvin’s problems. I would certainly not want to Fall Out with Him. He is one of those when you meet them they say " You can call me what you like."


He was a friend of mine
And he could sing his song
His heart in every line…

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