Rate my first watch face!

Hi Facer community.

I would like to share with you my first face.

Hope you like it :heart:


An excellent first face. I particularly like the battery graphic. So simple yet effective.


I’m a learner but I liked it!!!
And I liked the style of the drums!!!


Very ambitious for a first release… respect!


Welcome to the Facer Community @koidevstudio :wave:
Very nice work there, well done :+1: May I point out that some of your Text seems quite small to read though, and I’m puzzled why your Minute Hand is a different colour to the Hour Hand :thinking: It would be nice if you could Enable Inspection as well, so we could see how you’re doing things and offer up some pointers, but it’s understandable if you prefer to keep these things private :blush:
Your Version 2 looks better to me as well, all a bit brighter with a different colour theme -

Great work keep it up :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much, really appreciate it!


Well, i must say. If that is your first face, which is so captivating, then i wonder about what will be your last face… Love the contrast in your color set. The many data beautiful spread and displayed in an animating way. Lovely logo display and font choice.

The only thing that could be considered as a adaption, is making the displays a little more alive. Like the beautiful watch battery display. You could choose to let the red object to indicate how much there is left, more dynamic. Alive, by showing the move to its actual position. But hey, that is just me, i am found on dynamic, animated faces.

In any case. congrats. We love to see more.