RAVEN 1409 analog...(Replica)

A simple analogue clock in
in a modern and elegant style.
There is only a date display and a pedometer as additional information…
(a Replica - belchengruppe)



that’s a great looking watch and you’ve done a nice job of it. I follow hundreds of watch brands on instagram but I haven’t come across belchengruppe before. Now following!

Just a general caution about replicas though, obviously there are a ton of them on Facer (mostly poorly made) but it’s definitely frowned on by team Facer and if you’ve ever got greater aspirations on this platform, best to stay away from them. I don’t think you necessarily should take this down, it’s just you’ve got great original designs so I’d hate for you to sabotage your own trajectory here.

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Its well crafted. :+1:
Maybe if you still keep it after considering the words above, then just check the center point of seconds.

Thank you…I fixed it.
@kvansant is right in principle…as the saying goes, sleep on it and then decide. It’s dark here in Germany now and tomorrow morning I’ll see if I can’t delete the clock again.

I agree with everything that’s been said, it is a nice design, but way too many Tickmarks for my liking, and they’re not too visible on the Seconds display.

What do you think of the variant then?
Is it at most a “homage” to the watch before?


I like how you’ve curled the edge up, but the Hands disappear under the fold lol

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laughs…that’s the way it’s supposed to be.
When the main dial rolls upwards, you can no longer see the hands at that point.
But the digital display comes to the fore at that point.

but technically they wouldn’t fit in that fold… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Technically you’re so right…but that’s the beauty of not always having to stick to physics and simply creating illusions. :sweat_smile:

Oh, you need to make the space for the Date wider as well, I’m only seeing 14.T…

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On your advice I have deleted the “replica”.

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