Raven DIGI SlidePro

Almost ready for publish… The watch face has pop-out menus for weather, heart rate, steps and the colors are themeable. Feedback for changes or ideas welcome!



Great work with the extra windows.

Well done! :slight_smile:

Only change I would suggest is to add a reset for the pop-ups.

So you can tap the heart rate area once to pop up and again to make it go away. (I see that it goes away automatically after a while)

Nice work!

@cth4242 Great idea, Thank you!

I added the feature, you can now click the slider window pop-out and it will go away.


@Linlay Thank you!

@GAUSS Thank you!

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This does look great! Have you considered having the pop ups slide up and down?

Hi @Orakix, Just finished the slide up! Thanks for the ideas!


Nicely done, a great way to display the extra info.