Re setting watch face

Hello my name is lucas, I need help!!! Everytime I get any notifications facer resets itself on my galaxy s2. Then it takes forever to load the watch face back up. Sometimes it does it without getting any notifications. I’ve tried uninstalling both apps didn’t help I’ve tried other faces didn’t help either. If you can help or have other ideas please help!!! Its so annoying smh…

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While you keep seeking an answer, maybe a short term mitigation could be to turn off notifications in the Facer App. It won’t solve your issue but it may at least make it a bit easier to live with.

Have you sent an email to support or raised a support ticket to get help?

You should certainly report this to Facer, but don’t be surprised if it takes long for them to respond…

Which OS version are you running on your S2?
The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released end of 2011, so even if you are using the latest version released by Samsung for the device, it will be very old by now. (There are newer OS versions by 3rd parties available for the S2, but installing these is not always straight forward).

Does anybody know what the minimum Android version requirement for Facer is?