Real chronograph buttons? LED vs. OLED?

I’m still looking for a smartwatch. I’m leaning towards one of the Samsung models at the moment, but I’m not 100% sure. I know little to nothing about these devices!!!
I was hoping to find a watch that has 2 chronograph buttons (and I’m hoping they may actually work Chrono functions… Or can be mapped to that).

Are there any watches where the side buttons work as they do in an analog Chrono?

On a different note, is there any difference functionally between an LED and an OLED screen in terms of battery longevity and the amount of Facer faces available? I thought I read somewhere that faces are not interchangeable between LED and OLED…

I have a Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and love it. It has 2 buttons on the side, one is for “back” one is for “home”. The thing with a smartwatch is that you don’t need those buttons to control things like a chronograph. We as creators can code the face to make areas clickable to mimic things like a chronograph. Here’s an example; click on the left dial to start/stop, the right dial to reset.


Thanks for the reply! Didn’t get notified of it, hence my tardiness in responding.

Again off topic, but today if you were going to purchase one of the currently available watches, which would you choose? The fitness features and sleep tracking would probably be the least of my concerns. Choice of faces, and notifications would be at the to of the list, and availability of apps (Tizen as opposed to WearOS) may or may not be of a concern (as I don’t have a smart watch now, and don’t know what I may or may not want to do with it, as I don’t really know what’s possible). Is there a “need” to make sure I get a cellular connected version?

If you have your phone on you all the time then you dont need a plan. If you want to make calls and send messages etc while leaving your phone at home, then you’ll need a plan.

And to at to what @Rator said, making calls from a watch isn’t too bad, BUT sending messages & texts using a watch is a royal pain in the posterior. :smile: