Rectangular Wear OS watch faces (Oppo Watch)

Is it possible to support rectangular pixel layouts. Currently for Android Wear there is a limitation to round and square watch faces, but devices like the Oppo Watch have a rectangular 320x360 and 402x476 pixels. So all square watch faces don’t fill the usable screen area and can look odd, requiring the watch face to be rectangle by not filling the square space which then makes the face look small on the watch.

Basically, can the ability to choose the default watch and/or resolution be added to support these newer watches with rectangular layouts? The ability to just set the screen resolution by the designer would be ideal (after selecting the watch itself).

Even if Facer could extend the creator to 320x360 instead of the 320x320 it is now, Google would have to change WearOS to allow an 8x9 aspect ratio. The chances of that happening are pretty slim considering they won’t update WearOS so that it runs smoothly with no glitches. Google has ignored WearOS for so long (just like a lot of their other projects) that they refuse to expend the resources so it can be caught up with Apple and Samsung. I know my TicWatch S2 (WearOS) is pretty crappy compared with my Samsung Gear S3 Frontier and Active 2.

I don’t think this is entirely true. I just setup Android Studio and created an Wear OS virtual device with custom resolution and it ran in the emulator just fine. I will have to experiment with that some more and attempt loading it on my actual device. Studio did allow me to create a custom device profile with custom resolution. I then ran the sample watch face from Create a watchface for Wear OS to which I made no modifications yet to the layout of the sample watch face they link to.

I confirm that.
I 'm developping watchfaces on Android Studios and Pujie Black and all is ok. The watchfaces are on all screen.
Facer need to be update…

Did you push the watch face to an Oppo watch? When I put the face on an Oppo watch it drops back to square and does not fill the screen, leaving bars at the top and bottom.

For Android Studio, in the Manifest you must add

<meta-data android:name="android.service.wallpaper.square_mode" android:value="false"/>

I will try this later tonight. thank you as I am assuming this will solve my problem.

Something so simple. It worked. Fantastic. Where by chance did you find that out from?

here :slight_smile:

You know, I am almost positive that was not there when I worked on this a month and a half ago.