Reference design: analog 24hr clock watchface (01, 02)

I have noticed (no names) a number of analog clock faces with a variety of interpretations of a 24hr clock face.

Reference design(s): (only focused on rotation, tick marks, and not layout or graphics)

smooth rotation

tick/step rotation

Inspection enabled.

Tick marks used are available: Tick Marks - FACER Community

Alternative design: (was my initial attempt, but needed time to complete))

Update: Added ‘fine’ marks, for outer minutes.

Hi, I’m new to wear o/s and Facer, but I have programming experience. I like your design, I also have a 24hr physical clock in my office which I assembled myself. Of course, now I want to make my own 24hr watch face. Can you tell me which package I would need from Facer to do this? Is it doable with Android SDK as an alternative?
Many Thanks

Hi @sazdosanjh, welcome!

If by package you mean if you need Pro or anything, then no, you can do this with the free Facer Creator. Just use the tag for 24h: #DWFH# (or #DWFHS# for smooth).
You can get started with all the expressions and tags on the help page: Facer Creator – How can we help?

There is also a Slack channel where you can chat and ask for help or feedback

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Thank you very much.