Rejected - includes elements for which refresh rate is higher than 15 min

One of my Modular Duo based designs for iOS was rejected with the following reason: design contains elements for which the refresh rate needs to be higher than 15 mins (seconds, minutes). Not sure what it means as there are many active designs that have high frequency elements?

Can you share the design here with Inspection Open so people can take a look please…

I have not come across this.
Any indication what you are using as element?

Would not be able to test though, my Apple Watch SE does not support Modulo Duo…

But yes, fact is, we only get 15min refresh/update for Apple watches…

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Yes. That means no animations or having digital time and analog time in the same design because the time displayed won’t match.

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See this page and it will explain what is going on. Limitations of Apple Watch


Thank you for all the answers! This is the design that was rejected.

Will replace the analog time feature with wind then.

I would think it is the Seconds hand causing the reject.

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Somewhere we were told that partners faces are manually reviewed before publishing.
So I was surprised seeing apple face with custom seconds on the charts.

Maybe 600 slipped because it is not premium.
Still no idea what special feature has this 610 one, to become rated premium.
But who am I to complain, I dont even have apple watch.

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