Remake of my Nemisis Face from ages ago

Hi guys i been busy working on quite a few new designs this is one thats nearing completion please let me know what you all think


Hi @dazstacey

Very nice, animations are smooth…I like it

My only comment is that the hands does not fi the design…

i completely agree but hands are my nemesis at the moment i lost my folder full of hands i created so stuck with these till i can start remaking new one. if anyone has some that they think would fit please post here and i will credit them in the description.

I think you need something in silver since the background is darkish…

ok what do you think?

It looks much better…and clearer in dim mode also

I will upload a few more for you to test

cool i will go through them

Thanks mate these are my personal favourites mainly coz i intend on making the top removable or translucent some how to show all the workings and these look great with that effect

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These blue ones really fits

Looks great

thanks mate i will credit you in the description. got a few bits still to do with the mechs but will try to release tomorrow

I would put a note of color

Any time mate…credit is not necessary… happy to help