Remove favorites deleted by creator

From time to time, watch faces that I favorite are no longer available from the creator. On my favorites page, these faces appear greyed out and cannot be selected for preview, download, or to remove my favorite tag. How can I remove them from my favorites list?

Hi mate not 100% sure but you should just be able to click the heart symbol and remove from your favourites

Yes, that would be the normal way, but not if you can’t open the page because the developer deleted it. So no way to unclick the heart to remove from favorites.

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I’m having the same problem.

Hi all,

This is now fixed in BETA in Facer version 5.1.28. This version will be released to all users later this week.
Thanks for your patience!


Thanks for adding this new feature! I just updated to the latest update and it’s working perfectly.:grinning:

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