Removing watch faces from watch

I have several watch faces that I have used, but no longer need them. They keep appearing on my Asus Zenwatch 2, even though they are not in my favorites list. Can someone please help me with this?

Triple-click on your watchface and long press on ones you want to delete.

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Thank you. That is working perfectly. :grinning:

There are a bunch of posts about not being able to remove faces for at least 4 months. there is NO way to remove a face on the S3. triple tap takes you to the facer selection screens and there is no ā€œ-ā€ sign (which is the only logical symbol) and long pressing brings up the app remove function. So, the only way is to remove facer itself and reinstall.

Iā€™m sorry, but this is as absurd as Samsung and I can live without another time suck. Iā€™m removing facer. too bad all the designers lose out because of this.