Rendering issue


I’ve got 2 separate users reporting a rendering issues with this watchface:

It looks like they are related.
I can’t reproduce the issue on my own watch (Huawei Watch 2 Classic).
Can this be check please?


Report 1 from Canadianreaper1

“Here’s the glitch that occurs on your watchface when digit “1” occurs it disappears, when a “3” occurs it’s bottom piece drips down”

“Here’s the third digit glitch on the minute hand”

Report 2 from atik

“Hello. I love this face, but it developed the pictured issue. it used to be I could swap faces and it would return to normal, but not anymore. uninstalling and reinstalling also didn’t fix it. Issue occurs both when active and idle. LG Wear Sport”

Very odd! We’ll have our team look into it.

Looked fine for me on my Samsung S3.