Replicant Eye Blade Runner Face

First face I’ve done in a while. First iteration and super simple. If you try it let me know what I missed. Thanks!


I can already see I need a fade in transition on the awake face… Oh well! More fun for tomorrow!

A quick second version I threw together… Not sure about it yet.


Great start! I’d make the eye background rotate slowly and have fade-in effects layered on top of it! You may want to look at @koosterwijk63 for inspiration on these effects:

Yes! I want to add a “glint” effect. Like the glowing/glinting eyes of replicants in Blade Runner. I’ve never tried the animations so this may take a while! :slight_smile:

@koosterwijk63 This face center effect is perfect for the replicant eye I’m working on … What dark magic is this?!