Request: abilty to choose order of faces in App and Web gallery

When someone looks at one of my faces, I would like to be able to show off my best and/or targeted designs in the top three spots in my “other designs by author” section of the App and likewise, I would like to be able to adjust the order all of the faces in my Web gallery so that my chosen designs are shown at the top of the stack.

Use case: so that people who find one design will also be presented with the other designs that the author would like to present to them first.

A. Ideally this would be a “switch” that the gallery owner could set:

Maybe, switch with these options:

faces presented in:

  1. owner selected order
  2. latest; or
  3. most popular

B. I would like to be able to do this without having to update / re-publish all of my recent designs until I get the order I want.

C. A related useful option is to allow the author to choose between two options when updating a watchface:

  1. place it at the top of the stack; or
  2. keep it in its current location in the stack.

Use case: Example, I have just been requested to make a minor alteration to an old watchface that is half way down my stack of faces. If I update it then all my faces will get out of order and an old face will take prime position in my stack when I want my current targeted design there! Much better if I can choose where the updated face goes or be able to change the order of my stack after updating it.