Request feature: More style templates

The style templates is a great feature for beginners and casual users. Would be great to see lots more template designs added by the facer devs, and even better if creators could upload or create template styles that can be used by other users. Of course this might only be a premium feature, but wish there was a much richer catalog of styles available to use.

Hi Jason,

Do you mean things like the hands, numbers/markings? I’m not familiar with the term “style template” as it relates to Facer.

There is a Resources section on this forum that might help you. Users can upload/download elements created by other users - Resources - FACER Community

Yes, when you add hands, shapes or stickers, there is a Styles option, where there are a few options to select from. Would be great if the Styles option was expanded with more options in the editor, rather than having to go else where. The Styles functions could maybe have sub categories, which you click into to see related images etc. This would make the editor app much more appealing to novices and casual users. I don’t think professional watch designers would care much for this feature, but for the casual users, it would make watch designing much more appealing (IMO)

I appreciate there is a resource section in community… but you already have the feature included in the editor with the Styles button… its just limited with only a few choices of images. Just would be great if this was continually expanded new selections (and allow users to upload sharable items for all to use - subject to approval by moderators maybe)

I agree there could be more of those elements. It’s very basic right now and while I agree with Richie that we can upload our own elements, I also appreciate not everyone’s savvy with graphical programs and can’t just churn out a set of hour hands on a whim. I sure can’t :wink:

I think that this would be harder than it seems to implement on Facers part. The moderation of content and what happens to all the faces that use an element that turns out to violate a trademark for instance. When its a resource that people pull from a forum, there’s no real connection between facer and the element. So they could take it away and remove any faces from Facer without repercussions. But when its built in to the app, an endorsement is implied. So if they have to pull it because it infringes on copyright or trademark, and have to pull faces that use it, it would create a problem.

From a content creation perspective, what’s in it for the people who design elements? I’ve been on platforms like that before (not watch faces) and it ends up a thankless task. I’m not opposed to giving back to the Facer community for all the help I’ve had here, but I think regular content creation for anonomous users to take as they see fit would only have negative consequences for those who put a lot of work into complete designs.

I might also add that it’s possible to make a popular watch face without any special graphics. I have a face that has been hovering in the top ten of the free charts for a couple of weeks that has only two kind of superfluous custom graphic elements - the sunrise and sunset icons. Everything else is right there and could have been created by any Facer user.

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Are we talking about the same thing? It feels like we’re not, unless I’m having trouble understanding what it is that you’re opposing.

Harder than uploading the set of eleven standard hand sets that are already there? Why?

How would Facer themselves supply built-in set of hands that infringes anyone’s copyrights? All of them? I find it hard to believe…

That’s the part that confuses me - what does it have to do with the standard set of hands that comes with Facer Creator?

I apologize, but I still don’t see how enhancing the built-in menagerie of handsets negatively impacts anyone capable of designing their own set of hands. Those people will always be two steps ahead of users without graphical design skill (like myself) because their creations will always be level higher from the set of hands Creator comes with so I would state the contrary, that they have an advantage and rightfully so.

No disrespect or looking for heated debate on my side, I just can’t help but feel there’s some misunderstanding here.
EDIT: Yes, there was a misunderstanding, I’ve just noticed OP proposed users uploading their creations to Styles. And it all makes sense now in your response! Cheers!


Maybe the upload from users is too much to ask…and there’s the community resource which caters for that. But still no harm in Facer devs expanding the standard templates. Example with Microsoft PowerPoint you have all the shapes and inbuilt online search capabilities etc… rather than having to leave the editor. If the extra resources where premium access, they’ll likely get more premium subscriptions

I’m not online right now, but have a few Face Templates that I use from time to time: just certain shapes with a few different cut outs to build on. I will upload some of my Templates then, and anyone can feel free to use them or not…:neutral_face:

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That’s great. Post them in the Resources section in community when you get the chance. Thanks.

I think the fewer templates the better. That way people are inspired to use imagination and develop skills. The fun of creating watch face designs is being original.


I totally agree with @Linlay

Today, in Facer_io, there are many designs, with very good qualities, with very good images and with very good programming and structures …
And they were all designed with the program out there today …

Of course, sometimes I also need a lot of things …

But with the Community Forum … everything is solved for me …
Because here there are many good people, who help each other a lot with their information and knowledge …

Today I really enjoy the program and the Great Community Forum

Cordially JDCardozo

Yes the community is very good. But I think you are both misinterpreting what I meant. The current selection of shapes, hands, backgrounds etc are very limited. Yes I know we can create or search for alternatives, but would be great if the available items had a greater selection. Anyway, its a feature request that likely will never see the light of day. This feature is not aimed for the professional watch designers. It’s more for casual users that do not have the time or expertise to create complex images with other products. But thanks all for your views.

If people “don’t have time”, presumably, they also don’t have time to design watch faces. That’s what makes content creation a thankless task. People just want to take, and take credit. They don’t want to put in the work, but want others to do it for them.
Not having the expertise is valid, and I’m happy to help those who have a vision, but not the skills to put something into a product. That’s much more rewarding for the content creators when there’s no money involved. But that involves custom content, not off the shelf stuff. Its working, one-on-one.


Posting them now…

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An interesting aspect to this discussion. When I first started using Facer Creator it had a completely different set of hands! Although I’ve used my own images for the hands on most of my faces, a few of my designs have the hands from the original Facer Creator. While I like some of the hands on the current version of Facer Creator, I miss some of the old ones.