Request for harikiranmohan

First of all disclaimer for other people: We were going to have this conversation entirely in the PMs, but for some reason, harikiranmohan cannot comment on them and he/she doesn’t see all my messages.

We ended on creating at least 2 watches: Rolex sea dweller and oyster perpetual with blue dial.
And since creating perfect copies would mean breaching copyright we started to wonder how to modify them.

I last question to you:

Ok, separately then.

When it comes to sea dweller do you want to have the outer ring (minutes/seconds) on the face or only the inner ticks?
Also in what color version do you want it to?
I suggest D-BLUE DIAL because then I will be capable of creating it in a way that enables users to change its color by themselves.

Also, since we will not create an exact copy I can (and should) add some additional functions to both faces.
So what would you want?
Step counter, current weather, month, year, moon phase, or something else?

Again with the outer ring, or Bezel if you prefer - I just figured out how to create and operate them.
Here you have selection of different bezel options:

Hello mellin… pls create as u wish. . I will be happy with ur choice…

You cannot even say what additional functions you would want?

Not lik that mellin… believe people making watch faces lik you will do the best. . Ok… need watch faces with seconds … temp and no .of steps

Will moon phase be accurate

Pls go with blue dial as u said so I can change the color

Here you have a face with my newest moon phase indicator: Mellin - Reacher CNH - watch face for Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S3, Huawei Watch, and more - Facer
It’s pay to use, so just check it’s preview and see for yourself if it’s accurate enough for your liking.
Here you have a moon phase calendar to compare: Moon Phases 2019 – Lunar Calendar

So to summarize:
2 faces:
Both analog, 12h sets.
Both with the current temperature, step counter, and moon phase indicators.

Anything else?

Thanks mellin… if I want I will ask… pls explain me wat is the actual advantage of moon phase in watches

To be honest, I don’t know, but many people seam to like them.
If you don’t want one I can get you something else, just ask.

Thanks mellin… sure if I want I will ask… thank u for ur great support…

I’ve posted a link in our PM conversation to the first version of that watch, give me feedback and I will edit it to your liking.
Don’t post any links to it in here.

edit.: You there?

edit2.: halo?

edit3: let’s say it this way: on the 7th I will publish this face as it is. If you will want any changes done to it I can always modify it.

Hello, can you do a Rolex Sky-Dweller for samsung s3 frontier?

@Mellin can you pm me please for a face design request