[Request] Galaxy Gear S3 User Needed for Testing

I’m looking for someone who has a Galaxy Gear S3 watch and is willing to help me test something.

In details:
Some time ago I got a message from someone (I cannot find that person again) that in his/her Galaxy Gear S3 one of the readings on my face is not working.
After some testing, we concluded that the “#PBP#” tag (Battery level on phone) shows “-%” on that watch.
Because of that, I issued a warning on all my faces that use this tag and I want to know if this problem still persists, or was it resolved in one of the previous updates.

Here is a free face with that tag:

Can someone with a Galaxy Gear S3 please tell me what can he/she sees next to the #3== ?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Mellin,

#PBP# Tag is working at gear S3 - after syncing it displays the actual % of the phone battery… BUT: after syncing another face and getting back to the test face from facer recent, it shows the known “–%” issue.

Another problem is the refresh rate of this tag - somehow it doesnt update continuously. Tested it with my phone for while by draining battery with torch app - started at 84% when syncing the face - watchface is 84% - after 10 minutes phone battery is 82% but watchface stays at 84%…

I mostly try not to use this tag…


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Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier… no battery indicator for the phone. Mine quit displaying as well on my watch faces. I do see a --% but that is all. I haven’t been able to find out if this is a Facer issue or Samsung issue. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.