[Request] Pressing arrow keys move element by 1 pixel!

Right now pressing arrow keys move element by 10 pixels, would you guys please make it move by 1 pixel like other picture editors do? If I want to move element by large distance, I will use the mouse instead.

Hello, Try Shift + Arrow keys. This is a 1 pixel shift.


Thank you, nice trick!

Hey thanks, I only ever typed in the coordinates. This may prove useful. Also hey @johnt1 this might be helpful for you too.

Thought I replied to this. I have to say, Iā€™m used to Adobe IDEs so i keep trying the up/down arrows and get irritated.

But using shift arrow is a FANTASTIC way to position when snapping. Thank you for pointing this out. same an enormous amount of time for me.

and THANK YOU @petr.patocka for the tip.