Request: Watch Renders

Hi guys.

Anyone got any decent sized watch renders?
I would really like to slip a watch on my background designs to see how they look.
Thanks :slight_smile:

What do you mean by watch renders? A watch that was made in 3D and rendered without hour and minute hands?

640x640 72ppp is the most common resolution, but everyone has a preferred one. Nevertheless facer is going to resize and adapt your image to fit it better

Hi guys.
I mean a image of a watch(with its strap) with a trasparent background.

I mean, the Facer Creator does that for you, but if you want a transparent image, I can make one up right quick. Do you see the preview image on Facer Creator? (You can pick a watch to preview on. I know sometimes on some screens it’s not there. I think you can turn it off and on in settings, so you can try looking through settings.

Let us know if this image is working for your workflow, or if you can see it on Facer Creator, and if not we can try to figure out how to make it appear for you.
Happy designing Joe!


Tks michael, thats perfect.
I just was creating some layers on photoshop and wanted to be able to snap a watch on fast to see how it is looking.
Trying a new design, not working out yet, but in my head its looking super cool

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