[REQUEST] Watchface (Help with) Creation

Hey all,
Before I jump in and go for Pro,
Wondering if it’s possible to change a tick by day to create a Wheel for a Year.

I have a very specific clockface in mind. But I am at a loss at wear to start.
I couldn’t find anything close to what I am looking for, so was thinking to either create myself (Absolute newb) or have someone create it for me.

But then, I am new, so wouldn’t want to impose on anyone.

Kind regards,


I’m sure you will soon pick things up here Dodinas, I’m still a relative noob myself, there’s so much to learn. Just to help you out, here’s a link to some Tutorials for you ok HERE and there’s lots of resources you may or may not find useful HERE as well.
(I’m sure someone will help you with your Wheel soon :wink:)

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Thanks! I’m in the process of creating some imagery for it. Guessing that’s the basis for where to start.
I’ll be watching a few of those videos aswell.

My ADHD brain is just adding this stuff to all my other hobbies and now. well. I’m working on it. hahaha

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As you said you were thinking about wheels, here’s an example of someone else using wheels that you may find inspirational ok (he’s a very good designer that I follow, and he only just Published this Face).

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Thanks, it’s different from what I’m wanting to do though. Wasn’t really clear haha,

What I am wanting is a pagan Wheel of the Year.
Which is basically, a circle in 12ths.
With seasonal festivals, solstices and equinoxes.

This might just be a smaller circle in the overall watchface. Or only the outer ring of the watchface.
Not quite sure yet. But I have just opened photoshop and am now working on an image for it. haha

It’s all possible, If you want the “hand” to rotate completely over 1 year, then you will have to put the festivals on the right angle though

Thanks, yeah. I’m actually thinking of making it two rings
Outer circle. The Months
Center circle: Seasonals.
Middle circle.
Time and Day number
Moonphase, moon/sun up/down.

The rest of the stuff, like heartrate and such are all in different widgets on the device. So I wouldn’t need that on there. But yeah. still. Doing a basic image first.

yes, and this is what i meant by spreading it out over the right angles, you can’t skip months, or combine them if you want a hand to travel over the whole circle gradually during the year.
You can make the hand jump to the right place using expressions if you want the image like you have it though

Yeah, that image is just for an illustration to show all the data.
What I actually want to create (And have on the backburner right now as I have to work.)

Is an outer ring. a small line that progresses through that ring. But so it lines up with the months.
The ring inside of that. Would be parted in 8ths and would show the seasonals.
I can create the images. It’s just that I need to know/learn how to have it progress as it should.
And I’d probably need to make the months different sizes to make sure I don’t have 30 days or 20 days for all of them so it wouldn’t line up.

But again, quite new, so very unsure on how to go about it haha

Welcome Dodinas! this is a unique and an ambitious project! I’ll be curious to see how it turns out! Mattie is definitely one of the guys around here who can help you out. If you get stuck you might also want to invoke @mikeoday :slight_smile:

Dodinas. This is the maths for Rotating through the year pulled from the watch posted here which was kindly left open for inspection.
((#DMYR#)-30). You must get your graphic onto a Face in Creator and apply that to the rotation tag of a hand. The number - 30 is where your hand stars relative to your Graphic. I think you will struggle to get this to work with the exact day of the month. I would blur the junctions between the Festivals. The watch will help you see what is coming up next and be within a day or so. We have a problem because of leap years etc. If you want help with a Moon rotating or something I could help with that as well. One you have the hand working you could progress to a PROGRESS or ARC. You have found a difficult place to start. ADHD is a qualification for this kind of creativity : )


Yeah, I am just starting out, published my first watchface which was a lot less ambitious.
Updating that now. Getting some errors out and changing some stuff on that.
I have like, 400 ideas. So before I feel confident enough to pull this one off, I might be a few watches onward. :wink:

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All the Best I will hunt that watch down . I admire your ambition when I started I had two Ideas and took down my first publication very soon . I have been at it just under a year now. With lots of help I am starting to be a bit pleased with what I achieve. Just fall down on the graphics.I will invite you to look at what I have been doing. All my stuff is open for Inspection : )


Awesome, thanks! I will be looking at that stuff.
Yeah, I’m a former graphics designer. Used to do alot of graphics, now, I have my first smartwatch, and I’m like, yeah. I can to SO MUCH. haha