Resizing Images - File Size

This is more of a curiosity question. As I have been trying to pay more attention to the performance of the various watch faces I have been creating, I’ve been looking more closely at the image sizes (i.e. file size). When trying to create animation on the face, the performance takes a hit either with the overall frame rate or with the image file size. What exactly happens to the file size if I resize an image on the creator?

For instance if I had a 100x100 pixel image and resized it to 320x320 to fill the watch frame, does the image file size also increase? If my picture was originally 10 KB, is it now closer to 100 KB due to the enlargement or is something else happening?

One final question, is there a way to tell what the file size of a full watch design is? After the full design is uploaded and published how big is an individual watch face? Is this listed anywhere?

Hey e09, yes making the image bigger will increase the size. You may also experience some blurriness increasing any image 3x. For more crispness, you’re better off drawing at the size you want (320,320) and optimize the size when saving.

I draw most of my watchfaces at 960 x 960, sometimes 640 x 640 and let Creator scale the components

I dont know of any place in Creator that shows the total watch size.