Resolution Questions

Apple Watch 7 (44mm): screen: 396 x 484

Most posts indicate 320x320. Will the creator upscale the images or will the watch stretch them to fill the watch face? Should I use 640x640?

I assume the editor will down scale 640x640, but to what? Should I make images to match my watch screen res? Will the editor down scale a 396 x 484 and then the watch will stretch it to fit the 396 x 484 resolution?

I really don’t want to spend a month or two on a creator subscription monkeying around with resolution sizes trying to figure out how the two will interact. especially when I’ll be working with animations (a whole other set of questions).

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@lorddayradon. I would have a little go at things before I payed for a Subscription. I have not subscribed and feel that I have achieved what I wanted to for my watch. I actually render stuff PNG on CAD at 2400 x 2400 pixels and Facer scales it when I bring it to the Creator. If you want to share some images on here they want to be smaller. Like 640x640. Give it a go.

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That’s good to know. So I can bring HQ footage in the editor and the face will not be too heavy at the end on the watch?

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@spyrograph I do not know about Footage. I think you will find there is a Limit on Gif size. I think any animation will work in your Favour if the resolution is a bit lower to help with the morphing. Give it a go.