[RESOLVED] Can't Load "Post your watchface designs here!"

The ultra-long #style thread really slams my MacBook Air / Chrome browser:
Post your watchface designs here!

I want to see everyone’s designs, but the tab locks up about half the time, and some images don’t load right even when scrolling works.

Is anyone else having this problem? :disappointed:

Yes, it’s a thread that takes VERY long times to load fully! And it loads over and over. I think the problem is, all the Links with Active watches, that loads!

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Gah I hate that megathread so much!!! :angry:

It seems very, very slightly more functional since 4.0, but only just. :unamused:

I think we may close that thread and encourage people to create one post per watch face in the “Show Your Style” category instead.


Yeah, I strongly prefer having one thread per watch face for version history.

But I was confused by the instructions in that megathread, about how you want creators to post designs to Community.

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Definitely our mistake - this was a very old post (2015!)

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