[RESOLVED] Facer Creator Errors in Browser

@Facer_Official, the creator has become unstable views in draft mode are incomplete and the drop down menu has missing item ‘view’

Copy of same face in Creator?

The option to View is not displayed if a watch face has never been published.

As far as the Creator preview being screwed up, one of my open drafts is currently behaving like that, too. Usually a new save fixes it. (You may need to avoid re-saving it while it is In Review… but I don’t know how all that works since I’m not premium.)

Hi @pacingpoet, re-saving does indeed solve the problem, didn’t know ‘view’ only shows for published watches so thanks for pointing that out. As premium, our view is pretty much the same as yours apart from the option to use colour themes; making changes during review period doesn’t seem to be an issue as I’m sure the process of review is instigated by a Facer staff running a Q&A routine that either returns no faults or flags up issues that need review.

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Thanks for the disclosure! I do wish I could deploy themes.

I’ve also been wondering for a long time now, what’s behind the #SYNCS button?

Under that button premium users see their sales:

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@hayden can you confirm you’re not having issues anymore with the Facer Creator?

@Facer_Official: Creator working fine with Safari, can be glitchy with Chrome