[Resolved] Heart rate on Samsung Sport

Hello. I have been working on a face, and previously sent it to my watch. It is fairly basic with time, day, date, battery and footsteps, and this works fine. I have recently added the new heart rate tag, and sent it to the watch again. The facer app on the watch went through the refresh, but the heart rate did not display. The sample heart rate displays on the phone app and on the creator on my PC.

I have tried swapping to a new facer face and back again, and restarting the watch but to no avail. Is the tag supported on the Samsung Sport?

Does anyone know if there is a page that states which tags are supported on which OS/watches?

@Facer_Official : Is there any chance of an update on this?

That might be an update issue …

I have 2 Samsung Gear Sport watches, and did write a heart-rate test watchface (using #ZHR#).

Getting late (here in Australia), I will check this out tomorrow.

Update: Not seeing any issues.

Test bed (haven’t worked on for some time)

Heart Rate should be supported on Gear Sport. We’ll investigate!

We just confirmed on our Gear Sport. Can you guys try and go to your SHealth app on the watch and make sure that you see a heart rate there?

The heart rate is shown on my Sport, both by going into Health and by rotating the bezel. Don’t see the heart rate #ZHR# on my watch face or a randomly selected free one from the store.

If you’re seeing the heart rate in the Samsung apps, but not in Facer or other 3rd party watch faces, it seems like it may be a permission issue of some sort.

@Facer_Official : Which permissions are you referring to? On the watch, the Facer app or even my phone (Samsung S5). Is there is a reason why heart rate would be affected but not other tags such as steps (as far as I can tell)?

Would be really interested to hear if anyone else is having such troubles.

Hi @Facer_Official : Is there any update on which permissions may affect the heart rate from being displayed correctly?

@Facer_Official : I’m still struggling to find any settings that would prevent heart rate from being accessed. Is there some documentation on what is required for each tag to function correctly on a given device?

In the end I uninstalled the Facer app and reinstalled it on the watch, and the heart rate started displaying.

The update frequency is still quite poor, but as my initial problem is solved I’ll mark this as resolved.

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