[RESOLVED] How To Sync Fossil Q Marshal with iPhone (8 steps)

I ve got hwawei watch and it doesn’t sync faces …it only Says loading please wait ,but doesn’t load the face,it worked before,

I have the Fossil Q Marshal and it took forever for me to sync. I’m paired with an iPhone. The creator website said it had send the face to my watch but it never arrived. This is how I eventually achieved it:

  1. Create face on creator website, save and publish it.
  2. Install the iPhone Facer app
  3. On watch, select Facer as face - any will do
  4. Tap watch 4 time to display QR code
  5. Open Facer app on phone and link to watch by scanning QR code
  6. On app search for your watch face by name
  7. Make sure your watch is connected to wifi (i usually go into play store to make sure)
  8. On app select the blue sync button to send to your watch
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