[RESOLVED] Is Facer.io Down?

Are you updating your website? It is down twice now or maybe it is me.

Not just you.
I see it too.

thanks, thought I am alone with this issue.


Same. Seems like its down.

agree, down in London 14:52 GMT

Hi fellow Londoner :slight_smile:

Hi, it’s back now! 15:12 GMT

Im accessing it fine so it might be an issue with your network or ISP

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I had a problem at the same time as the designers above. I’m in the USA on AT&T, so I don’t think it was network or ISP issues.

Hi all - yes, we had another bit of downtime on Sunday morning Pacific time. We are increasing the capacity of our servers this week to make sure this doesn’t happen again!


I was noticing some lag today. In the future, just so I know whether the issue is with the Facer servers and not me, can we presume the update will be completed by the end of this week?

@Facer_Official facer.io and Creator are 504-ing.

Edit: Facer Android won’t let me sign in either.