[RESOLVED] Real (?) Tourbillon movement?

Hey everybody! Back from vacation. I can honestly say it was very difficult to get back on the plane to come home.:smile:. I’ve been pulling my hair out over the past 2 weeks trying to come up with a tourbillon movement that really looks like hi-speed RPMs.

I’m fooling around with the Piaget altiplano platform - a tourbillon / partial skeleton with some gears. I gave up trying to compute rotation to make it look real and decided to use @eradicator09’s 20-frame animation trick using 20 “pre-blurred” images of the rotating spindle.

Before I actually put a lot of time in the face I was hoping you guys could have a look at the tourbillon movement and let me know what you think? If it looks “real” I’ll continue with the rest of the design, otherwise I’ll scrap it and move on to something else. …or any other comments?

[Link removed… ]

Looks good. The pre-blur really helps. I don’t even think you’d need 20 frames. From an animation standpoint, you only need to move the gear 1/3 rotation before looping again. You might be able to get a slightly smoother animation by reducing this. Overall though I think the blur gives it the right effect. If a frame or two drops the blue is there to make it not look so jumpy.

One neat trick I’ve noticed is on the View page. If you select a triple speed setting it freezes the tourbillon. So you can get a good view of the blue without things spinning around.

huh @eradicator09 The freeze is cool at triple speed. Ok I dropped off the last 10 frames and changed to the other setup. Seems about the same kind of look (same link above) which is still kind of realistic I think.


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