[RESOLVED] Stroke Effect Broken Since 4.2.0_4361 Beta

This morning the watchface are displayed all wrong or white screen. There was an update in your system?
Is it only a my problem or general users?

There was an update from 4.1.1_4303-(4303) to 4.2.0_4361_beta-(4361).

All I can see is that now the “Stroke” effect on the font stopped working on my watch.
Could you post a link to a face that breaks for you?

Thank you Mellin.

For exaple this:

I see only white screen


I see only a red screen and one “#” in the top left


I seet it faded

And other watchface…

On the first 2 I have the same effect.

Also, I have sent a bug report about this version of the beta release.

Thanks Mellin

If someone else want to send a bug report use site: https://littlelabshelp.zendesk.com

OK I sent a report.
thanks Mellin

I’m talking with the help of Little Labs…I update you as soon as possible.

Also others face are displayed incorrectly

For example
User: BRARD Sebastian

Thanks for letting us know about this - we’re taking a look. Just to confirm, you are using the beta version of the app? (4.2)

Me yes - version 4.2.0_4361_beta-(4361)

Hi Gavin, yes 4.2.0_4361_beta-(4361)

This morning I updated to the new version 4.2.0_4376_beta-(4376) in the market (play store) and it seems all right!!!

  1. uninstall the old version, for some reason update was not possible
  2. inslall new version
  3. reboot watch and phone and wait some time for paring and update data

I think that it wouldn’t just update because for google play store it’s the same version (4.2.0), they should have changed the number to 4.2.1.

Also, for me it didn’t resolve the problem - the invisible stroke effect is still a thing.
The only difference is that now the preview on my phone (which was broke in the same way) now works, but still, the actual watch doesn’t.

Did that work?

I uninstalled and reinstalled Facer - that didn’t help.

What is “Invisible Stroke”…?

Hi Dankess

Have you solved?

After upgrade facer app I finally saw all ok in app, after I have debug my new face, I see that wrong “(” or “space” ore “2 expression in same object” can to be a problem in watch display.

What kind of problem do you have?

Stroke that supposed to be there, but is invisible.

I don’t understand. My background image just doesn’t appear properly on my watch.

@Mellin for betas, only the build number will be updated if it’s a beta for the same final production release (e.g. 4.2.0 might have several beta builds before it becomes an official version in production)

Which watches are you still seeing issues with?

I’m currently wearing a Sony smartwatch 3 SWR50 running AW and Facer 4.2.0_4376_beta-(4376).

And I know that the very purpose of a beta version is to catch all bug, that’s why I enrolled in it and that’s why I report those bugs.