[RESOLVED] TACTWO 1K Collection (20 Faces for $9.99)

I bought the 1k collection from TACTWO at 20 faces for $9.99. Now I only have 14 in my purchases. Can someone please help restore the rest?

Hi @chandy21. The TACTWO 1K Collection currently includes 14 watch faces:

If the collection contained six more watch faces when you purchased it, maybe they can be manually added to your account. @Facer_Official @TAC2TAC

Hi @pacingpoet, thanks for your reply. Yes it definitely had 20 faces when I purchased it. I find it strange that the same collection has been modified rather than make a new collection with 14.
@Facer_Official, here is how it was when I bought it.

I’m a little nervous that my receipt doesn’t reference 20 and only the collection so I’m really at the mercy of whoever decides to change the collection’s content.

Thanks, Andy.

Hi Andy! We looked into this and it seemed there was a problem displaying a couple of watches in that collection. We’ve updated it so you should now see all 20 watches if you navigate back to the collection. Please let us know if you have any further trouble!

Hi Gavin. I now have 20 again. Thanks for fixing it. And thanks to @pacingpoet for helping to adjust my community post. Much appreciated.