[resolved] Trying to use step count to move a character along the watch face. doesn't work on my watch

I’m trying to make a watch face where a character moves along the screen based on the step counts. I used this formula for the x position of the character image:


I want the character reach the end of the screen (X Position:280) when the step count is 8000 or above.

The formula works fine in face creator on the web. but when I sync it to my watch, it doesn’t work and the character stays at X position:0.

here’s a link to my watch face:

First of all, add a new text and put only #ZSC# in there and see if it shows the right number of steps.
I know that some of the smartwatches don’t fully work with Facer #ZSC# reading, so it might be just that.
If it’s that contact Facer support with this.

There can be other problem:
I know from experience that sometimes conditionals used in Facer work in the editor, but not on the watch itself.
Test it again with and without brackets and thinks like “280”.
Sometimes swapping condition for the opposite one also works.

I hope this will help

thanks for the reply.

using #ZSC# alone works fine.

I tried using the expression ((#ZSC#*0.03)+40) instead of the conditional. and it works fine on the watch. The only problem is when the step count is higher than a certain number (e.g. 10000) the character goes off the screen. that’s why i needed the conditional to keep it in a certain position when the step count is greater than 8000. But looks like that it doesn’t work on watch when i use a conditional.

changed the conditional to $#ZSC#<=8000?((#ZSC#*0.03)+40):280$ and it works now :slight_smile:

Always a thing with () or “”…
I know the pain.