[RESOLVED] #WCT# #WM# (°C/°F) Flips on Every Weather Update

Hi staff…my new watchface sync wrong wether temperature, if I set Celsius and I sync after a bit (random time) my watch display Fahrenheit…other user has the same problem.

I try to clear cache and data in the app, I try to delete and to insert all temperature setting in face…Ko.
Can you help me?

What watch and phone are you using?

Hi, I use Wiko Fever Phone + Fossil Q Founder Watch

I use:
#WCT##WM#” for temperature
#WCCT#” for wether location

for example now after 3 hours my watch has changed to F

Now is returned C° (after about 4 hours)
Why? :slight_smile:

Hi @acronimo5!

Sorry about that! Just to be clear, the steps to reproduce this issue would be the following:

  1. Set “Spaceship Radar Animated” on your smartwatch using Facer Android app
  2. Set temperature preference to Celcius and notice it’s effective immediately on the phone and watch
  3. Wait a few hours and notice the weather shows up as Farenheit on the watch, without user interaction

Is that correct?

Hi, yes that is correct. In this moment (after the night (Italy)) I opened the app and the temperature has switch to F without any sync of the watchface, only displayed on phone app. In the app now I see watchface with F.
My app is set with correct temperature mode ©, correct watch and update wether option every 1 hour.

For return in C I must display the watchface change setting in F and again change setting in C and re-sync or waiting random time without any interaction.

Edit: 9:22 return in C. I think it change when there is an weather update.

Hi… any news…it’s continue switching between f and c all the day…
thanks in advance

HI, I’ve got exactly the same issue with my LG G-Watch R (used with a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge). It’s turning me crazy!!!
I also set the default temperature to C in Facer App on the phone (in the preferences settings as well as on the watchface before syncing)…
But it still will change randomly from C to F and back…

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Same here, Galaxy A5 (2017) with Fossil Q Explorist.

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Hi! me too, has the problem. i have a Fossil Wander. Sorry for my english. When the battery get half it change to F. thanks for help us, Buy

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I have noticed the same problem starting yesterday when i re pushed the watch face i made to my watch on both my moto360 and my zenwatch2

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I have the same annoying bug since weeks on my ASUS ZenWatch 2 with different watch faces tested.
Once it shows the temperature in F and after waking it up again from dim mode, suddenly C (what I set in the app) is back.

Maybe an Android Wear 2 issue?

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Okay, it’s not an Android Wear 2 related problem, because on my SONY SmartWatch 3 the same error occurs.

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Same issue here, randomly switches to Fahrenheit, in phone app is set to Celsius.

Watch: “Fossil gen 3 Sport” running “Android Wear 2”.

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I have the same issue. I try to disable weather sync and enable it, it work fine. But the issue re-occur when next sync time. My wear is zenwatch 2.

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Any solution for this issue? It seems to be affecting a lot of different watches. @Facer_Official please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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Same problem here! started about a month ago…
Oneplus 3 + LG G Watch R

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Thanks for the reports, everyone! We’ve identified the issue and are working on this for an upcoming fix.


Thanks @Gavin