Resource Minute dial

Hi all,

I’have an idea for a face but I can’t find the resource I want or seem to be able to find through the right description.

I would like to use something like this

Bu the issue I have is that I would like the numbers to be rotated 270 degrees so that as the dial turns the number read from the 90 degree position is vertical.
I just can’t seem to find that anywhere. I know I can make what I want in gimp or some such app but I’m a complete noob with stuff like that (I even know how but cannot seem to be able to manipulate the dial correctly) . I’ve made some stuff but it’s basic and looks it.

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If you want to spend the time, you can use that picture as a templet and just use the text elements to create each number in the position you want. Then delete the templet. It will take a full 60 elements, but you can have it exactly how you want with the ability to tweak it later on.


I get where you’re coming from, and that is a perfectly workable (if cumbersome) solution. But I would like to use the movement of the dial as a feature Hence the search for the right resource.


I have some that read north and south . Do you want it to read east or west . At 9 or 3 .
I bet you anything @bradtc has something he might share with you . Excuse me Invoking you Brad .

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I want for the number to be vertical at the 3 position similar to this


This is the working concept using the available dial and shows how I’m wanting things to work. Ideally, i would like the dial to move clockwise rather than anticlockwise.

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Hi @waynehardy66
What I can offer is 2 disks (used for seconds) or the outer rim I used for the minutes as in the watch faces below. I have 3 different fonts I used. Have look, let me know if you want any of that and if just plain numbers, or with background (metal, circles…)


That is very different from the Face you gave shown above . Sit down and do the work you will be well pleased .

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No problem @russellcresser, invoke any time. @waynehardy66, do you mean something like this?

I don’t ever really use dials though, I just use expressions, which is a little more work if you are up for it. Inspection is on.



yes it is, I found that face for illustration then decided to make the concept which shows what I meant better


Here you go…
(font used is called Sephora)

Rotation: #DWFMS#

Rotation: $(#Ds#%10)=9?((floor(#Ds#/10)*60))+(clamp(((((#DWFSS#/6)%60)-#Ds#)*60),0,60)):((floor(#Ds#/10)*60))$

Rotation: (#DWFSS#*6)


Fantastic Tom . Nice one .


Oh wow!! They’re amazing. Thank you so much.


There are 2 white transparent images below in different sizes, but are same image. Just in case you have any quality issues!


Wow . Fantastic .

Again wow! Cheers :+1:

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